Winter/Spring 2016 Highlights from the CTSC

Community Research Symposium on December 2, 2015

This winter, the CTSC offered a one-day symposium to provide a primer on the process of Community-Based Participatory Research. Topics included advice for community organizations interested in getting involved with research, strategies to engage and partner with diverse communities, opportunities for conducting community research, and regulatory challenges. Over 80 attendees spent the day with our expert panelists and were also offered a unique networking session during the day with community researchers and academic investigators. Participants were given the opportunity to receive a $5,000 planning grant if they formed a research team following their networking. In total, grants were awarded to three teams. Two teams will conduct community research in the Bronx focusing on post-partum depression and prostate cancer, respectively, while the third will work on the Lower East Side in partnership with Henry Street Settlement to develop a pediatric health education and awareness initiative.

 Optimizing the Practice of Mentoring Workshop, March 29-30, 2016


Drs. Weber-Main and El-Fakahany address attendees of the mentoring workshop.

This 2-day workshop provided lectures in the mornings and small group discussion in the afternoon to prepare junior and senior faculty to be effective research mentors. We were joined by expert presenters Dr. Anne Marie Weber-Main, Director of Faculty Mentoring at University of Minnesota Medical School, and Dr. Esam El-Fakahany, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies at University of Minnesota College of Pharmacology. The event was attended by 39 faculty members and staff from Weill Cornell Medicine and our partner institutions.

April 7, 2016, Cultural Competency Training on LGBT Communication and Health Needs


Dr. Sanchez provides invaluable information about LGBT health needs.

Dr. Nelson Sanchez, Chair of Weill Cornell Medicine’s LGBT Steering Committee, returned for a second year to lead an insightful and interactive discussion on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Inclusive Communication and Health Needs. The 25 diverse participants were comprised of physicians, nurses, not-for-profit patient advocates, medical students, and more. Throughout the afternoon, the group discussed how to provide care that is sensitive and inclusive for their LGBT patients and families and learned about local and national LGBT health disparities and best practices in the care of LGBT patients.


Participants engage in an interactive exercise matching terms with definitions.

Research in Progress Luncheons

The CTSC has hosted two recent Research in Progress Luncheons. On February 5, our luncheon was hosted by CTSC Associate Director Dr. Marcus Reidenberg and featured two presentations:

  • Outcomes of Patients with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia After Discontinuing Idelalisib, by CTSC Master’s Degree Candidate Jacqueline Barrientos, MD
  • Rho Kinase Activity In Giant Cell Arteritis, by CTSC Master’s Degree Candidate Lindsay Lally, MD

On May 13, CTSC Associate Program Director Dr. Kendall Smith hosted the Research in Progress Luncheon which featured three research presentations:

  • Assessing Insulin Sensitivity and Diabetes Risk in Childhood Cancer Survivors Treated with Abdominal Irradiation, by CTSC KL2 Scholar Danielle Novetsky Friedman, MD
  • SEER-Medicare and Meta-Analyses of Small Renal Mass Management, by CTSC Master’s Degree Candidate Adam Talenfeld, MD
  • Identifying Shared Mechanisms of Action between Colorectal Cancer Chemo-preventative and Chemotherapy Drugs: Thymidine Depletion by DFMO/Sulindac, by CTSC TL1 Trainee Mavee Witherspoon, PhD
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