Register Now for Upcoming CTSC Workshops in Grant and Proposal Writing and Biomedical Publications!

Weill Cornell Medicine Clinical and Translational Science Center



May 10, 2016, RSVP here

& May 11, 2016, RSVP here


Griffis Faculty Club, 1300 York Avenue at 69th Street

This seminar comprehensively addresses both practical and conceptual aspects that are important to proposal-writing success. It is designed for faculty members and administrative staff who have had some exposure to writing grant applications. Principles and fundamentals of good proposal writing are emphasized, along with ‘how-to’ practical tips and strategies. Topics covered include idea development, maximizing programmatic relevance to the targeted agency, selecting the correct grant mechanism in which to package and present the idea, use of the review process to inform the writing of the application, and how to write for reviewers. In addition, strategies for writing each part of the application are presented, along with examples that illustrate how each section should be crafted. This seminar teaches new investigators how to write a competitive grant application; the content of the program is appropriate for senior graduate students, post-doctoral research fellows, and nontenure-track faculty members who have not written a successful grant application.


May 12, 2016

12:30pm – 5:00pm
Belfer Research Building, 413 East 69th Street, Room BRB 302 B/C


This half-day seminar is for Career Development Award (CDA) candidates and their mentors. It emphasizes the partnering between the candidate, mentor, and institution that is necessary to make these proposals successful, resulting in protected time for research. The National Institutes of Health’s mentored K Awards and Ruth L. Kirschstein F32 National Research Service Award for individual post-doctoral fellows are used as representative applications.


May 26, 2016


Griffis Faculty Club, 1300 York Avenue at 69th St.


This comprehensive seminar includes advice on how to most efficiently produce the data needed to publish, how to compose a manuscript with maximal clarity and precision, how to avoid conflict of interest, and how to decide who should be included as co-authors and in what order. In addition, tips and strategies are provided regarding how to perform a literature search; how to choose journal; and how to understand that journal’s review process, including relating to its editors, responding to its reviewers, as well as navigating its resubmission process.

For more information, please email or call 212-746-6277

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