Training Sessions: From Tables to Heatmaps with MetaR


Visualizing a heatmap from high-throughput RNA-seq data using the MetaR language

The biomedical informatics core of the CTSC is offering the MetaR language to help manipulate high-throughput data and create heatmaps and other visualizations. MetaR is part of the Data Analysis Workbench and is being developed to facilitate data analysis for biomedical scientists with minimal computational skills. The software is fully functional, open-source and provided free of charge.

The software runs as a desktop application with an interactive user interface, on MacOS X, Linux or Windows computers. MetaR analyses can run on laptops or desktop computers. Analyses are executed in the R language, but no knowledge of R is needed to use MetaR.

Training and assistance in the use of the software is offered to investigators who hold an appointment in one of our CTSC institutions (i.e., Weill Cornell, MSKCC, HSS, and Hunter College). Training sessions will describe how to:

  • Annotate tables of data to prepare for analysis.
  • Run a differential expression test on a table of read counts.
  • Filter or join tables.
  • Produce heatmaps.

See for software and video tutorials.

Training Sessions:

Users interested in learning how to use the software are encouraged to attend one of the monthly training sessions. Training sessions are held on select Tuesdays at 10:30 AM. The sessions are limited to 10 participants and pre-registration is required. Please use the registration form( to reserve a seat. The next training session will be held April 14th2015.

Participants will be shown how to use the software to produce a heatmap from a table of RNA-Seq counts. You are encouraged to attend the training session if you are trying to determine if the MetaR can help with your projects. There is no charge for attending a session.


No programming or UNIX skills are required. You are encouraged to follow the installation instructions to download and install the software on your laptop before attending the training session.

This software is provided by the Biomedical Informatics Core of the Clinical and Translational Science Center and by the Campagne laboratory. Please contact Dr. Fabien Campagne if you have any questions or comments at 646-962-5613.

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