CTSC Offers Introduction to Biomedical 3D Printing Course and One-on-One Consultations


Sponsored by the Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC)

The CTSC invites you to participate in a new course on Biomedical 3D Printing that is open to anyone interested in learning about the applications of 3D printing in biomedical and clinical research. We will engage participants using interactive demos of the 3D printing technologies, materials and equipment. Participants will also learn how to successfully develop their projects through use of the CTSC 3D Printing Core Facility. We will use traditional medical imaging data, such as CT and MRI, and data acquired from contemporary 3D scanners to enrich participants’ understanding of the applications of 3D printing. Credit is available through the Weill Cornell Graduate School.

Course Director:

John C. Cheeseborough III, President, SabioAdvantec, LLC

Course Sessions (may attend any or all sessions):

  • Session 1: Overview of 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing (Tuesday, March 3rd, 9am–1pm)
  • Session 2: Using Medical Imaging Data (Wednesday, March 4th, 9am–1pm)
  • Session 3: 3D Scanning in Medicine & Biomedical Research (Thursday, March 5th, 9am–1pm)

The CTSC is also offering One-on-One Consultations where investigators can sign up for 20-minute meetings with a CTSC 3D Printing Expert to discuss any follow-up questions about the 3D printing workflow or a 3D printing project idea. Consult hours are on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 3rd and 4th from 2:30 to 5:30pm.

Registration for the course and/or one-on-one consultation is required; please register by Monday, February 23 at CTSC 3D Printing Course Registration Site

Questions? Please contact My Linh H. Nguyen Novotny at ctsc-education@med.cornell.edu

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