Planning Grants Available for Community Health Research Projects in NYC from the Weill Cornell CTSC

Do you have a great idea for a community program or research project?

Do you want funding to develop the plan?

The CTSC is Offering $5,000 Grants for Planning a Community Health Research Project

Award Amount: $5,000 (direct costs) Planning Grant for one year Funding Period: January 1, 2015 to May 31, 2015 Submission Deadline: December 15, 2014 Objective: This is a research planning grant to develop a community-based project or program. During the grant period, applicants will develop a research plan, including a timeline for completion and estimated costs.

Click Here for Award Details and Application Instructions

Click Here to Apply

Applications are due on Monday, December 15, 2014 at 5:00PM

Award Effective Date: January 1, 2015


For Grant Questions, Contact

Lula Mae Phillips, RN, MED, MDiv, 646-962-8314 (


Jifeng (Jeff) Zhu, MBA, CCRP, 646-962-8300 (

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